Ecotourism (Nature Tourism) in Myanmar

Trekking in the Chin Hills, Chin State

(text compiled by Paul Bates, Harrison Institute)



Trekking in the Chin Hills

Although less frequented by visitors than Shan State, the Chin Hills offer great opportunities for trekking. Most of the tours are centred on the Nat Ma Taung (Mount Victoria) area and include the National Park. They operate out of two centres, the small towns of Kanpalet and Mindat. Kanpalet, in particular, has a wide (and increasing) range of accommodation for tourists and is now within easy reach of Bagan since the road via Chauk has recently been upgraded.

Highlights for trekkers include the peaceful and beautiful highland scenery, especially within the National Park. Here there is a relatively easy, if long uphill walk, on a good track, to the summit, which is at 3,053 metres. Visitors pass through a wonderful mosaic of deciduous, pine and evergreen forests interspersed with grasslands and are surrounded by a richly diverse bird fauna (further information). Between December and March, the upper slopes are covered in the striking red blooms of flowering rhododendron trees. Views of the Chin Hills from the summit of Nat Ma Taung are breath-taking.

Trekkers also have a chance to learn more about Chin culture with its interesting variety of local hill tribes. There are at least 45 local dialects of the Chin language spoken and even today some of the older women have tattooed faces, a cultural tradition in Chin State.


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Visitor Reports

There are only a limited number of reports on trekking in the Chin Hills. An interesting one, although based on a tour in 2012, gives a good insight into the area, although since then the roads have been greatly improved (further information).