Ecotourism (Nature Tourism) in Myanmar


Welcome to Nature Tourism/ Ecotourism in Myanmar

(text compiled by Paul Bates, Harrison Institute)


Welcome to Myanmar!

Blessed with awe-inspiring landscapes, a rich diversity of wildlife, vast rivers, snow-capped mountains, and palm-fringed beaches, Myanmar offers a series of unforgettable experiences for ecotourists wishing to explore its unique natural heritage.

Myanmar is a country that still offers great opportunities to escape the well-trodden paths of mass tourism and to encounter the beautiful, the unexpected, the extraordinary and the forever memorable.

This website seeks to guide and inform visitors about these ecotourism opportunities and in doing so it hopes to promote the conservation of Myanmar’s most beautiful areas and most extraordinary species.



Each introductory section on the website, for example for trekking or cycling or horse riding, provides a map outlining the principal areas of Myanmar where the activity can be undertaken. There are also short descriptions of the areas and the activities and, where available, these are illustrated with photographs. Currently, the most detailed information is provided for the bird watching section.

For indicative purposes, we include links to nature/ecotourism tours offered by a range of travel agents. This list is NOT comprehensive and we do NOT endorse the tours or take any responsibility for the quality or otherwise of these tours.

Please note, many Myanmar and international travel agents, including those listed here, also regularly put together competitively priced, bespoke tours to these destinations. These may be even more suitable to your individual needs. So, please shop around and do not hesitate to contact the travel agents directly for ideas and advice.